Is Squarespace The One? Intro & setup Getting started with a template

Getting started with a template

Getting started on Squarespace is quick and easy. At click on Get Started and on the next screen you'll be shown the different templates on offer.  

There are a few templates to choose from but unless you plan to keep the exact same layout and structure for the website as the template contains, it doesn't matter at all which template you choose. 

Although there seem to be a few different options, all of the templates have the same features and functionality so you can pick any one you like.  Squarespace is trying to give some inspiration and their 'templates' really act as a jumping off point for your website design.

With Squarespace, using the word 'template' is a bit misleading because it makes you think that your website will look like the template you see in front of you, but with your words and images there instead of the demo content. So if you see a banner image with a block of text overlaid on the right hand side of it, that's what you'll get isn't it?  No! You are 100% not limited to the layout that you see in the template demo screen!

You can easily strip it back to a blank canvas when it comes to designing your own website and I'd completely recommend you do that. You do not have to have a website that looks, in layout terms, like the template!

So what are templates then in Squarespace?

This section used to be quite long as I explained all about the 92 different templates available in Squarespace.  But with the introduction of Squarespace 7.1, that all changed.  It is now much simpler because you just don't have to spend time deciding (or agonising) over which template to go for. 

Literally, just pick any one of the options on the template screen because they are all designed on the same underlying template.  Under the bonnet, they are all identical!

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