Is Squarespace The One? Intro & setup Introduction


Welcome to my free course, Is Squarespace The One?

The aim of this course is to take you through the basics of Squarespace to help you get a clearer idea whether it's the right platform for you and your website.

About four years ago I started working on a new website for a calligraphy business that I'd decided to launch. I'd used Shopify for years for a previous business and wanted to try something new. And I'd heard that Wordpress was meant to be 'the best' platform for a website because it gave you so many possibilities.

So off I went with Wordpress and bought a pretty looking template. Now I love playing around with software but building my Wordpress site was a looooong and drawn out process. I can remember fiddling around for what seemed like hours just to get one little bit working right. But eventually it was finished and... I just didn't love it. I should have been obsessed with this new website, my labour of love. But I just wasn't and I soon started thinking, what now?

I had considered Squarespace briefly in the past but it all looked too sophisticated, modern and the imagery was so beautiful on their demo pages that I couldn't actually picture my own products on a Squarespace site. But I was running out of options and thought I'd sign up for the free trial.

Because I had my Wordpress site live, I set myself the challenge of copying my whole site over to Squarespace. Although the whole platform was brand new to me, within two days of working on it (sporadically not solidly!) I had done it. And safe to say, I LOVED what I saw. I knew that Squarespace was the one for me.

So now it's my turn to help you decide if Squarespace is the one for you! Through this mini course I'll take you through different aspects of the platform so that you'll have a better understanding of Squarespace and be able to answer that question for yourself.

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